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Camoflage/Showdown (2 LPs on 1CD plus Bonus Tracks)
EAN: 5060196461073
Artikel-Nr.: 9646107
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 08.12.2017
Publisher: Essential Sales and Marketing Ltd. / Funky Town Grooves
Genre: Soul/Funk
Preiscode: 207

Die Alben "Camoflage" und "Showdown" von Meco jetzt zum ersten Mal auf CD.

Die Alben "Camoflage" und "Showdown" von Meco jetzt zum ersten Mal auf CD.

Having initially used the name on their 1976 release on Roullette Records, “You’ve Got The Power”, producers Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi and Jay Ellis (a/k/a DCA Productions), opened their own label in 1977 "Honey Bee Recors". Which was to be distributed by "Prelude Records". (I know... Prelude’s history starts pretty long before most of us want to remember) I know that those names which were responsible for Gloria Gaynor’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “Experience” LPs, between 1 and 2 years prior, very-well made anyone who was paying any attention to sit-up and take notice. If you take the Philly sound out-of-the-mix; DCA Productions was the 1st outfit to take a good-hold of the American Disco scene. Giving the entire genre a definitive starting point from which to grow. But something happened... Very shortly after it surfaced, "Honey Bee Recors" disappeared. With not even so-much-as a rumored explanation. It just kinda happened... Then it was gone. (yes, Meco... people like myself and every DJ knew, noticed it and were sad that it was over...) But in that 1, lone year, the boys kicked out 2 great LPs and several great 45s. Providing different sides to the DCA production team’s sound.

01. A Disco Symphony/MacArthur Park - Camoflage feat. Mysti 02. Take a Ride - Camoflage feat. Mysti 03. Bee Sting - Camoflage feat. Mysti 04. What’s Your Name - Showdown feat. Sampson 05. Walkin’ In Music - Showdown feat. Sampson 06. Gotta Get Into You/Lay, Lady, Lay - Showdown feat. Sampson 07. Keep Doin' It - Showdown feat. Sampson 08. Freaky - Showdown feat. Sampson 09. Come Down In Time - Showdown feat. Sampson 10. Let’s Make A Deal - Showdown feat. Sampson 11. Take A Ride (45) - Camoflage feat. Mysti 12. The Impulse (45) - Showdown feat. Sampson