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Meander Belt
EAN: 4260080812245
Artikel-Nr.: 8081224
Format: CD EP
Vö-Datum: 08.12.2017
Publisher: Redfield Records / Kursaal
Genre: Alternative
Preiscode: 247
Derde Verde
Neues Signing beim Redfield-Ableger Kursaal: Die Band aus LA erinnert an GRIZZLY BEAR und BEACH HOUSE und spielt im Dez / Jan erste Gigs in Europa.

“Instantly engrossing, buoyed by excellent arrangements and impressive vocal harmonies… DERDE VERDE may be the closest thing Los Angeles has to its own RADIOHEAD right now.” – LA RECORD DERDE VERDE aus Los Angeles, USA spielen “a fresh brand of rock, the three piece have proven nothing but capable as becoming indie’s next darlings" (Alt Citizen).

Die Einflüsse des Trios reichen von von Shoegaze über Krautrock bis hin zu Indie-Electronica. L.A. WEEKLY bemerkte über die Band: „The spirits of bands like SONIC YOUTH, YO LA TENGO and SPOON are all at work here, but not always in the way you’d expect. It’s nice to see a group putting some independence back into indie rock."
Buzzbands.la schrieb über die erste Single:„DERDE VERDE's ‘Days of Drought’ is the trio's first new music since 2013 – a soaring psychedelic soundscape that could almost bring rain itself."

1. Days of Drought 2. Staring into Dying Light 3. Turn 4. Ready to Fall 5. Shattered Moon