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In Conclusion
EAN: 5017742000217
Artikel-Nr.: 477868
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 17.07.2015
Publisher: Sonic Rendezvous / Sterns
Genre: Afro - Latin - Jazz - Rock
Preiscode: 280
Balake, Amadou
Amadou Balake (* 1944 - + 2014) aus Burkina Faso gehörte mit seinen Afro-Cuban und Funk-Styles zu den international bekanntesten Musikern der Region.

Amadou Balake (* 1944 - + 2014) stammt von der Elfenbeinküste / Burkina Faso und gehörte zu den international bekanntesten Musikern der Region. Dieses Album enthält die letzen Augnahmen seiner 50-jährigen Karriere. Er wurde bekannt mit Afro-Cuban und Funk-Styles und dem Mande-Repertoire, das von Bands wie Guineas Bembeya Jazz und Mailis Rail Band modernisiert wurde. Er integrierte lokale Warba-Dance Rhythmen in seine Musik und sang in Mossi, der Sprache Burkinas.

After a career that spanned a half-century in which he became the most famous musician from Burkino Faso and a legend of African popular music, Amadou Balake died last year at the age of 70. This album contains his final recordings. Amadou Balake buliding widely popular Afro-Cuban and fubk styles as well as the Mande repertoire modernized by such bands as Guinea's Bembeya Jazz and Maili's Rail Band, he incorporated local warba dance rhythms into his music and sang primarily in the Mossi language of Burkino Faso, establishing a distinct Burkinabe Sound. Balake was also a prominent singer for AFRICANDO, he recorded 4 albums with them...This are the last recordings of Burkino Faso's grreatest popular singer. Recorded in Ouagadougou, mostly in one take with a few overdubs, the tracks present a performer in full command of his art and buoyed by years of experience.

01. Kambele Ba 02. Bar Konon Mousso (musicien C'est Pas Quelgu'un) 03. Laminaza 04. Naaba 05. Massa Kamba 06. Kele Bila 07. Fanta 08. Wayi Quelilgi Yelle 09. Balake 10. Qye Ka Bara Kignan 11. Yelle