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Running for the drum
EAN: 094922147585
Artikel-Nr.: 2214758
Format: CD
Vö-Datum: 04.07.2014
Publisher: IDLA / True North Records
Genre: Folk
Preiscode: 215
Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Buffy Sainte-Marie: kanadische Musikerin, Komponistin und Sozialaktivistin indianischer Abstammung .Running for the drum erschien 2009.

On her first album in 13 years, folk icon and Native American activist Buffy Sainte-Marie comes out swinging. She takes on corporate greed over the furious tribal beat of "No No Keshagesh" and makes effective use of audio samples of pow-wows on both the blistering "Working for the Government" and the dance-floor-ready "Cho Cho Fire." With those three cuts followed by a gorgeous, lilting reworking of her own "Little Wheel Spin and Spin," Running for the Drum boasts a simply phenomenal opening sequence. Those songs speak to the depth of Sainte-Marie's focused folk-singer outrage and her still-razor-sharp ear for a memorable pop hook.

The lead track "Keshagesh" means Greedy Guts. It's what you call a little puppy who eats his own and then wants everybody else's.

1. No No Keshagesh 2. Cho Cho Fire 3. Workin' For the Government 4. Little Wheel Spin and Spin 5. Too Much Is Never Enough 6. To the Ends of the World 7. When I Had You 8. I Bet My Heart on You 9. Blue Sunday 10. Easy Like The Snow Falls Down 11. America the Beautiful 12. Still This Love Goes On