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No Sense Of Sin (2LP)
EAN: 5038622136413
Artikel-Nr.: 2213641
Format: Vinyl LP
Vö-Datum: 08.12.2017
Publisher: Weatherbox
Genre: New Wave
Preiscode: 275
Lotus Eaters, The
Re-Release einer der bekannntesten Wave-Pop Bands der 80er. Limitiert, 180 Gramm Vinyl, remastered von Original Masterbändern

Re-Release einer der bekannntesten Wave-Pop Bands der 80er. Limitiert, 180 Gramm Vinyl, remastered von Original Masterbändern

This deluxe hardback book limited edition features the original album as disc 1 and disc 2 brings together 12inch versions of the singles not on the original No Sense Of Sin album. Only 300 copies will be made so this will become a immediate collectors item by one the 80’s most popular bands. Pressed on 180g vinyl, both discs are remastered from the original 1/4 tapes found lurking in Jems attic. Disc 2 features the original 12inch mix of ‘Set Me Apart’ and the 12inch versions of ‘First Picture Of You’ and Out On Your Own’. ‘It Hurt’ is the ‘There Must Be A Taste Of Murder In It 12inch mix and the alternate Charleston mix of ‘You Don’t Need Someone New’. None of these mixes are featured on any of the CD reissues. The hardback book features extensive sleeve notes by Jem himself and contributions from fans. All the photos in the booklet have been supplied from Jems personal archive, many of which he took himself during the bands travels. Originally released on the bands own Arista subsidiary label Sylvan Records in 1984, the album was preceded by the single ‘First Picture Of You’. The most played track on BBC Radio 1 in that long hot summer of 1983, the band who had never played a live gig, had previously done a session for the late Radio DJ John Peel, songs being hastily written in the spirit of the moment for that now legendary session. After the Peel session was broadcast a bidding war ensued which Arista won and an album quickly ensued, with production split primarily between Nigel Gray; Teardrops, Banshees and the Police and Bob Sergeant; Buzzcocks, Wire, and The Undertones and Alan Tarney; A-ha, Dream Academy. So there was a real heritage of New Wave Pop underlining the choice of producers. The resulting album captured the bands sound perfectly, encompassing Jems desire to expand on his previous work with The Wild Swans extending the melodic driven dynamic and Peters lyrics are an honest attempt to capture the intricacies of human relations. People forget these were two young musicians in the early twenties writing and this innocence gives the album its freshness that some saw as a weakness. The polished production being too much for some the band were misunderstood in some quarters and struggled in the UK to build on the success of First Picture. Touring extensively in the UK and in Europe the band have achieved cult status in France and Italy achieving three Top10 hits.
The band split up in 1985 but have reformed for selective shows over the years, July 2009 live at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool and August 2016 with Martyn Ware BEF at Rewind North Festival being the most recent.

Side 1 1. German Girl 2. Love Still Flows 3. Can You Keep A Secret 4. Out On Your Own 5. Put Your Touch On Love 6. Too Young Side 2 1. Set Me Apart 2. You Fill Me With Need 3. The First Picture Of You 4. Alone Of All Her Sex 5. When You Look At Boys 6. Start Of The Search Side 3 1. The First Picture Of You 12inch mix 2. Out On Your Own 12inch mix 3. Set Me Apart 12inch mix Side 4 1. You Don’t Need Someone New (Charleston Mix) 2. It Hurts (There Must Be A Taste Of Murder In It)