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Bonjour Tristesse / Denial Is Not Just A River (Vinyl-7)
EAN: 7393210049291
Artikel-Nr.: 1004929
Format: Vinyl 7"
Vö-Datum: 11.10.2013
Publisher: A Tenderversion Recording
Genre: Indie / Rock
Preiscode: 125
Killers Walk Among Us
Bezaubernder Indie-Rock & Post-Rock aus Schweden. Für Fans von Sigur Ros & September Malevolence. Tipp !

Killers Walk Among Us is the latest rising stars coming out of Gothenburg's vibrant music scene. A new band, but with the members' experienced roots winding through every second of their already well-developed music. Like other Swedish acts, (see: Hunt, Khoma, Cult Of Luna and label mates September Malevolence) KWAU redefines bit by bit what the ever-present term post-rock can be synonymous with. By incorporating strong elements of indie rock, vocals and lots of choirs on top of the drive, KWAU merge two worlds without causing a crash.

The first double single Bonjour Tristesse/Denial Is Not Just A River is released digitally and on black or colored 7? vinyl! It consists of two remarkably strong tracks, taken from the upcoming self titled debut album to be released this winter.

Among all the uncompromising rock music from Sweden, KWAU is a future name spelled with bold black letters.

1. Bonjour Tristesse 2. Denial Is Not Just A River